About me

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Hello! I’m Ruben, a Master student of Computer Science with a Minor in Financial Engineering at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

My passions are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I am also a Scala and Functionnal Programming enthusiast.

I believe in the symbiose between practice and theory: I strive to build things by myself, while not being oblivious to the math behind it.

If you catch me not coding, I like to talk to about a variety of subjects, especially about the upcoming AI revolution, entrepreneurship, finance, philosophy and politics.

For a semester project, I wrote scala-drl and I co-authored a paper (in french) about the transformation of the society by AI.

During a summer internship at Skymind, the deeplearning4j company, I wrote their reinforcement learning framework (including DQN and A3C), rl4j.

Currently, I am doing research at a Stanford lab, DAWN, on spatial-lang which is a compiler from a high-level Scala DSL to Accelerating Hardware like FPGA/CGRA.

Here is a link to my resume.

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John Hughes posts Why Functional Programming Matters Ferdinand Pauwels Source

“John Hughes posts ‘Why Functional Programming Matters’” Ferdinand Pauwels Source